Camo & Krooked’s Compositions Played by Live Orchestra

I imagine it’s any electronic producer’s dream to create compositions that can be translated into a full piece orchestra. In fact, any musicians dream really!

Electronic music can get a bad wrap for being perceived as easy to create or shallow. Of course anyone who’s ever tried to write an electronic tune on software (or otherwise) will realise it is darn tricky to create a great song no matter where you write it!

So for Red Bull to collaborate with Austrian drum n bass duo, Camo & Krooked, is not only a fantastic opportunity to merge old school (how classic instruments are often perceived) with new compositions, but a great compliment to their abilities as writer and producers.

Image supplied by Red Bull.

Red Bull Symphonic Concert featuring Camo & Krooked

The DnB producers collaborated with Max Steiner Orchestra, an orchestra that describes their interests as “performing film and video game music professionally and proficiently for recording sessions and live performances.”

Christian Kolonovits was a secondary composer brought onto the project to assist in the conversions and compositions as well as conducting the orchestra.

Drum n Bass has a particularly fast tempo, with 175 BPM (beats per minute) being the norm. According to FM4’s site, “After all, 80 musicians have to play 175 beats per minute for 80 minutes. The right timing is the biggest challenge for the orchestra.”

Featuring South African Singer Tasha Baxter

This special concert came to my attention through our local OG drum n bass (dnB) singer, Tasha Baxter. Having featured on numerous international dnb singles over the past 2 decades as well as winning a number of awards, we’re really proud of her participation in this amazing concert.

Camo & Krooked have been quoted as saying,

“…this is the most beautiful day in our career!”

The show took place at Konzerthaus Vienna this past Sunday to a full house where Camo & Krooked created classical versions of their previous compositions as well as new works.

The playlist included a number of their hits – hence why Tasha Baxter joined the show, to perform Black & White.

While the full show has not been releases, bits and pieces are starting to emerge from Sunday’s concert. I can’t wait for the whole concert to become available, but for now, enjoy these snippets:

The duo shared their thoughts after the first show stating,

If you speak German, here’s more from behind the scenes with Camo & Krooked at Redbull.

Having seen Camo & Krooked play in Cape Town last year at Pressure, we will always have a soft spot in our hearts. Hopefully the full show will be released on Red Bull Music soon and we can watch it all!

Listen to the Full Set


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