Watch the Stormers Sing Johnny Clegg (featuring my brother!)

It was just yesterday that I was listening the Jonny Clegg’s The Crossing and thinking about what an incredible song it is – one of my favourites of all time. It turns out, the Stormers ALSO love it and have been singing it after every match in the locker room.

Before the lock down, the team decided to get together with some of South Africa’s most loved artists and record a version of the song themselves. My brother, Dan Shout, was in Johnny Clegg’s band for 7 years so he was the perfect fit for the project, arriving and effortlessly filling in the saxophone parts.

The recorded at the Academy of Sound Engineering at UCT. Locals artists included James Stewart, Francois van Coke, Zolani (Freshly Ground), Paxton (2017 Idols winner), Amy Tjasink (2019 The Voice SA finalist), Chad Saaiman (singer/songwriter), and comedian & actor Marc Lottering, to name a few.

“Each sang two lines each from “Osiyeza’s” verses. Dan Shout, Johnny Clegg’s saxophonist for seven years, also added critical soprano sax parts to the final mix.” – Music Exchange

Here’s the video of the Stormers featuring Dan, Francois Van Coke, Marc Lottering, Zolani and a few more, along with the whole team to sing The Crossing. (The second video is the behind the scenes.) Enjoy!




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