What To Watch on YouTube During Lockdown

TV time is here! Those two hours not sitting in traffic have become mighty helpful in getting ahead with the chores and sitting down to relax in the evenings. Never before have we had so much time to talk about TV and watch the good stuff. Here are my top picks for the Lockdown:

What To Watch on Netflix

LA Originals (Netflix)

LA Originals popped up on my Netflix trailers and it looked incredible. A combination of grafitti, photography, art and music, I had to watch it and it was fantastic. Taking a look at some of the strongest artists who build the LA scene in the 90’s, where they are today, what still works on new media platforms, what doesn’t. An excellent documentary. 

Amy (Netflix)

This is the heartbreaking story of Amy Winehouse, who she really was, who was responsible for contributing to her drug addiction and death (Carole Baskins?! 😉 ) and how the star fell apart. Filled with amazing music, you’re left with a true sense of appreciation for the good, the bad and the ugly.

Tiger King (Netflix)

I don’t feel there’s much more for me to say about the Tiger King documentary series, but if you’ve not watched it then it’s possibly the biggest documentary to ever come out on Netflix – or maybe even the world. It’s got people shaking their heads across the world and left asking, is it all Carole Baskin’s fault?! Watch to find out…

Chef’s Table S6: Dario Cecchini (Netflix)

I really enjoyed this particular episode of Netflix because it addresses the relationship with butchers and animals. As a meat eater myself, I am spending more time trying to understand the ethics around eating meat, learning about veganism and trying to decide what’s the best balance for me.

This documentary follows a young man, Dario Cecchini, who began studying to be a vet to help animals and his journey to becoming a world famous butcher – the guilt, conflict and resolution he found in those two lives.

What To Watch on YouTube

Dealing with Covid-19

Socially Distant Hotline (YouTube)

I really enjoyed listening to this short video about how your’e feeling, how strangers are feeling about living through Covid 19 and the lockdown. This certainly is an uncertain and crazy time to be alive.

Dan Mace’s – My Corona Story

When I was in voluntary lock down 5 weeks ago I was feeling optimistic and healthy. As time went on paranoia also set in and I began a worry a LITTLE bit about contracting Corona. Dan Mace had just published his vlog, sharing his PERSONAL experience with Corona and it really helped me understand that I 100% did not have it and what to do if I did…I think everyone should watch this.

Lady Leshurr – Quarantine  Speech (YouTube)

I love Lady Leshurr and WISH Rocking the Daisies would add her to their lineup! She made this hilarious, but awesome track for lockdown:


I absolutely love the short form sociological content that’s posted on YouTube these days. Vice may have set the ball rolling, but there are a number of channels such as Cut, Jubilee and The New York Times who are following in their footsteps and offering some great content pieces. Here are a few of my latest watches:


20 Years of Coachella (YouTube)

When in doubt, watch a music story. Having run our own events in Cape Town and really struggled to keep things going, we really enjoyed learning about all the years Coachella never broke even, lost money and then went on to be the world’s second biggest music festival. Shout out to Glastonbury 😉

Music Features

If You’re a Mariah Carey Fan… (YouTube)

Mariah Carey has been doing live recordings from her home to help her lambs cheer up. I’ve been watching as many as I could and here’s a sweet one where she sings Hero to all the health workers around the world trying to make a difference.

A number of her first and earliest appearances have been added to YouTube and I’ve been loving hearing her sing in her early, early days. Music Box was the first album I ever personally bought (as a child!) back in 1993. I never got to see this footage, living in Namibia, so I’m loving playing catch up.

Why Do You Think You’re Not Special?

This local based production invited local DJ and event promotor, Alvhinator, to share his thoughts on the world of DJing, events and growing your art form in South Africa. If you’re aspiring to be a DJ, watch this and take notes.

A Good Laugh

Watching Home Teachers Fail (YouTube)

I’ve had good days and I’ve had low days. Sometimes you just need a good belly laugh to make things feel ok again. Here’s a classic clip of ladies trying to teach from home and how things can go pear:

Unpopular Opinion on BBC Radio 1 (YouTube)

This is a silly series I’ve seen on BBC 1 before. This is just a silly video, but I enjoyed the friendship between Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.


Inspiration is becoming a bit of a dirty word on social media of late. Too many people are feeling the pressure to come out of lockdown having started an incredible business, cleaned their homes to Marie Kondo’s award winning standards and lost all that weight they’ve been promising to let go.

Gary V – Use This to Start a New Chapter (YouTube)

I don’t want anyone to feel pressured, but I need someone wiser than me to help me try figure out life. It’s hard knowing what direction to go in sometimes and I enjoy Gary V’s point of view. I enjoyed this video about believing in yourself and trying new things:

Aaron Paul on AD (YouTube)

Random video, but I keep up to date with the Breaking Bad cast from time to time, just because they did such a phenomenal job on the show and I hope they continue to have successful careers.

Architectural Digest is one of the few channels I subscribe to as I find it visually stimulating and inspiring, so I was curious when I saw Jessie Pinkman’s house on AD. And WOW! WHAT a dream home!!! I can honestly say I would love to visit LOL!

Oprah Interviewing Gale King

Need I say more? Actually, yes! I’ve not really found this 2020 vision tour that informative, to be honest, so I definitely think this was the best interview that I’ve seen (I’ve not seem them all, I’m working on it!).

Armchair Traveling With My Own Travel Vlog (YouTube)

I’m enjoying looking back on the beautiful times we’ve had in recent years and am finally getting my butt into gear and rolling out my vlogs! Hope you enjoy this video.

How To’s

Not gonna lie, I found this onion ring feature really interesting! Lockdown has lead to me cooking again and BOY am I out of practice, WOW! So I’ve been enjoying the odd cooking feature like this:

Nat’s What I Reckon

Nat’s What I Reckon is my absolute favourite at the moment. The weekly laughs I get outta this bloke, too much! Here he’s helping us cook, but really, he’s the  prince of entertainment:

In Closing…

I keep trying to think of the people who lived through wars, either directly fighting or back home waiting for good news. This is nothing compared to that but if they could make it through, we can do. We have a lot to be grateful for…

And if you haven’t watched JoJo Rabbit yet, GO WATCH IT!

<3 Meg



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