Bareskin Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

It’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! I know I’m not the only one who has been followed around the internet by home IPL machines and having done laser for over 5 years, it’s certainly something that caught my attention.

I’ve been sent the Bareskin Laser Hair Removal IPL machine and have given it a go. I had a lot of concerns, which have all been addressed below. I wanted to share what I’ve experienced with the machine to date.

What’s Inside

  1. A disposable razor
  2. Protective glasses
  3. Laser Machine
  4. Cable
  5. It’s not cordless so you will need to plug it in to use (not charge it like I did haha!).


What It Feels Like (Review to Date)

Heat, that’s it. I put it on level one and it just feels warm. I’ve been burnt by the professionals and this was that toned down by 50. I’m confident if you start on level 1 you will be ok (I have very sensitive skin).

The machine is very comfortable to hold, but the cord isn’t super long. So set it up somewhere where you can leave it and then just pop in a few times a week to use it again.

I didn’t realise it would automatically fire once it goes purple and is tilted up, so when it went off I shrieked in fright HAHA! I then realised, “Oh wait, it zaps automatically.” I didn’t even have my glasses on, oops! I put them on immediately and tried again.

Having done a patch on my legs, I also did my under arms as they only have a few hairs left from when I went to Deluxe, so this is a great machine for maintenance as well.

It does make a sound like a baby vacuum machine when it’s on, but it sounds a lot louder in the video than in real life!

It takes weeks/months to get results so I can’t conclusively say it works at this moment, but I will be updating this post in time to come.

Discount Code: BCCT10 <– Use this Code at Checkout and get 10% off your purchase!


BearSkin IPL Laser Hair Removal Process

  • Shave the area and then let it dry perfectly, including any moisturizers you put on.
  • Shave or ensure the hair is less than 2 cm long.
  • Test it on a leg or non-sensitive area first before trying under arms/bikini line, etc.
  • Select the strength you want to start on, I recommend 1 and building up.
  • Once you’ve selected the strength (small button) you click it again to “lock” it in.
  • As soon as it is locked it it will go PURPLE, THIS is when it’s ready to use.
  • Once you tilt the machine upwards onto your skin it will AUTOMATICALLY fire.
  • The big round button doesn’t need to be pushed when you are ready, it will zap itself.
  • Zap and move onto the next spot to keep zapping.

The Bareskin Home Laser Hair Removal Kit Q&A with Jennifer

I have read the manual, but it doesn’t actually tell you how to use the machine in terms of pacing. How often should we use the machine?

We are working on a new and better manual, which is currently in the process of being developed. To answer your question – you can use it twice a week for the first 2 – 3 months, depending on how thick your hair is and then once a week and then once a month for maintenance. 

Why Do You Have to Use the Bareskin IPL More Frequently?

When you go to a professional salon they have large machines that are a lot more powerful than our device, however, with those salons you often only have a set amount of sessions (that cost the earth). In a few months the effectiveness dulls down and you need to go back. 
Our device needs to be used more frequently (to have the same results as from that machine in the salon), but what is valuable is that IF the hair begins to grow back you can use the machine again immediately and zap them before the hair follicles have time to mature and begin growing fully again.

Does this machine run out of zaps? Some machines, for eg. only have 10 000 zaps. Is this the same or does it go on forever?

Our new upgraded devices have 99 0000 zaps built into it. This equates to 12 years of use, on 1 person, once a week. There is no need to change any elements, flashes, lasers – it is all built into our one device. 

I’m a Bit Afraid as I have Been Burnt (literally) in the Past, Help!

The nice thing about our machine is that YOU control the settings and the strength. So try number one and go slow, see how you feel and the move up the strength. To date we have never had any complaints of it being painful even on strength five.  

I Initially Thought It was Cordless, Is that In the Making?

We are working on a cordless version, but it will still be a few years to go before the technology is adequately developed for home use. 

Does it Work on All Skin Types?

Unfortunately, this technology works best on light to medium skin tones. 


A Little IPL Background

I spend about R7000 (if I recall correctly) going to Beautique just off Kloof street in 2015 – 2016. It was for a chin and under arm treatment (call it R3500 each). I found the girls to be really lovely, but their customer service was lacking and costs HIGH.

For example, after my first visit I left without any direction on when I should book again or how it would work. Eventually, about 2 months later, I rang to ask them what was going on and say said, “Oh, we were waiting on you.”

As a first time customer (which I’d made clear) I felt it was presumptuous of them to expect me to lead the treatments, it’s their business after all. None the less I eventually started booking regularly. A lot of the treatments were quite painful and it ultimately didn’t work that well (I mean, why am I still talking about this 5 years later?!).

The sessions ran out and I wasn’t interested in pursing it at the cost and mission it was.

Round Two

I then discovered the Deluxe Laser service and they were ah-mazing! I’d visit the Cloud 9 Boutique hotel which was nice and private, less busy and have sessions with Chanelle or Charne, who were both amazing.

What I’ve realised is your experience is entirely shaped by your therapist. Some are just naturally better than others and both these girls made it bearable to return. (Before I found them, I had another therapist who burnt my face, it REALLY puts you off returning.).

You’re The Best Therapist

So! With all this mind, I’m really keen to keep going with this machine and I will be updating this blog post as I go along. Christmas is coming so if you want to save, then use the discount code now and enjoy 10% off! The code can be used at check out and is BCCT10.

If you’d like to know even MORE, head to the Bareskin website.

All the best for summer and chat soooon! Meg


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  1. says: Lauren Eden

    I have had my machine for 2 years, but it stops working randomly, makes a loud humming sound when turned on and stays that way for a while, and is definitely NOT working on the hair itself.

    I have emailed Bareskin numerous as they only answered the 1st time and then ignored me since. Noone is answering my WA messages.

    I mailed Bareskin just a few months after I bought the machine. I was told to carry on as it takes a while to notice any difference, well a year later after telling them it’s not working, and there is still no difference.

    If it is broken, then I will try again, but I am just so disappointed at the lack of reaction or response from Bareskin. I am assuming the device is faulty because there is insignificant difference, and also, as i stated before, makes a very loud humming sound, stops randomly, flashes to say it is ready, and then doesn’t have a pulsed light.

    It is shocking that NOONE has or is getting back to me. Run out of options really

  2. says: Menaka Peiris


    Failed product, been using for 4 months, no outcome received yet. Reached out to the Vendor reporting the same via whatsapp and emails since weeks, no response up to now. No positive comments about the product, just a waste of money.

    1. says: Tech Support

      Thanks for letting us know Menaka. I found the first impressions fine but was too lazy to carry on using it long term.