Holy Shaya: Holy Oils from the Middle East

I love watching Business Insider’s “Why is [product] So Expensive?” It explores why some of the world’s most loved brands or products cost what they do, such as, “Why are Dr Martin’s so expensive?” “Why is Supreme so expensive?” “Why is Frankincense And Myrrh so Expensive?” etc. It’s a fantastic exploration of how brands or products are built up and it’s exactly what I thought of when I saw Holy Shaya‘s website sharing their oils from the “holy land”.


“Shaya” means “a gift from God”, which underlies both their company philosophy and range of oils; in their quest to assist people in strengthening their faith. They say,

In the past few years, we have been studying some of the secrets of the oils that were used in Biblical times by priests, kings, etc. The knowledge we have gathered has brought us to a decision that we must share our findings with others.

They focus on using pure ingredients associated with biblical scriptures in order assist users in their spiritual practices.


While inspired by the classic Frankincense and Myrrh (given to Jesus upon his birth), Holy Shaya’s passion is a unique oil called, “Balm of Gilead”. Everyone knows I’m more into history than religion so I took a deeper look into the Gilead oil and it was referenced a number of times in the old and new testament, as well as other holy ingredients.

Origin Oil Pack

The name comes from the region of Gilead (modern day Jordan), where it is produced. The Holy Shaya’s Origin oil pack consists of unique blends, which were blessed and used by prophets throughout history.

Their Original oil pack consists of 3 oils for different daily uses:

  • Aroma – Fragrance oil
  • Ambiance – Diffusing oil
  • Ointment – Anointing oil

Aroma – 10ml roll-on (Fragrance oil, a perfume for daily use)

  • Ingredients – Balm of Gilead & Grape seed oil. 
  • Carry this special smell of the Balm of Gilead with you to where ever you go. This blend is mentioned in the Book of Genesis. 

Ambiance – 30 ml (Diffusing oil for daily use with a diffuser)

  • Ingredients – Frankincense oil, Myrrh oil, Lavender oil, Balm of Gilead oil & Grape seed oil.
  • Enrich your air and environment to increase relaxation and spiritual awakening. This blend is mentioned in the Book of Matthew. 

Ointment –  30ml (Anointing oil for daily use)

  • Ingredients – Myrrh oil, Calamus oil, Cinnamon oil, Cassia oil, Olive oil & Grape seed oil.
  • This blend is a version of the holy anointing oil which is mentioned in the book of Exodus and James. 

It usually retails for $288.00 and have sales from time to time but they’ve kindly offered me 2 discount coupon vouchers for those who would like to save:

  • Origin Oil Discount Coupon code: BCTC50 (50% discount).
  • Balm of Gilead Perfume Discount Coupon code: BCTC30 (30% discount).



Holy Shaya brings a message of love, friendship and harmony among people and nations around the world. So if you love essential oils, are religious or just like history like I do, then keep these products in mind as the ultimate gift for yourself, friends or family.

Check Holy Shaya out on Instagram if you want to learn a little bit more before committing, otherwise, happy spiritual awakening!



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