TESTED: Dough Boys Gluten-Free Pizza Bases

Hello Gluten Free land! I’ve decided to try be a bit more helpful and actually share the gluten free products that I try out. Some are a hit and some are a miss. Today’s review: gluten free pizza bases!

Gluten Free Bread Wars

I’ve been in a 6 month battle with Pick n Pay (they’re unaware of it) as they haven’t had gluten free bread for AGES! The Woolies one is fine, but my GAD it’s expensive! R55 for a load of 12 slices?! And then there’s the Engen version that was award winning. DISGUSTING! Have you tried it?! R80 a loaf, made from bla bla bla, tastes AWFUL! Anyway, so I’m going to try share products that are actually tasty and good. First up! THE DOUGH BOYS!

The Dough Boys

You may know them more readily as the Eat Out of Box company. They actually supply LOADS of restaurants with these pizza bases because they’re so consistent. I’ve had them in restaurants before and they’re great! BUT, restaurant pizza ovens get REALLY hot which makes the pizzas awesome! Not so easy to get right at home (to the same yumminess!).

So I’ve put these bases to the test and we’ve managed to find the perfect combination of goodness for all the gluten-free pizza lovers out there!

What’s In The Box?

First of all – you can order gluten-free pizzas to be freshly cooked and delivered to your house. So that’s a side note if you just want a gluten-free pizza for dinner.

But you can also order gluten-free pizza packs! They come with 4 bases, 4 sachets of tomato puree and 4 sachets of grated cheese.

You can order just the bases online (R39 for 3) or the packs (I recommend) for

Gluten-Free Pizza Goodness

Ok so we tried these pizza bases a few ways. Here’s how they come out:

  • Cooking them a little short – this is so they’re softer, which is great, but as they cool down they get thicker and stodgier.
  • Cooking them a little far – this is good because the edges get nice and crispy.
  • Cooking them on time – this is fine BUT they can be a bit soft in the middle.

How To Perfect the Gluten-Free Home Made Pizza

SO! Here’s the secret recipe for the best outcome:

  1. Turn the oven up as HOT as possible. My oven doesn’t go above 280, unfortunately, but if you can make yours as hot as possible then it’ll cook the bases through nicely.
  2. Get a pizza stone – heat this up with the oven at the same time so it’s nice and hot!
  3. Only use HALF the tomato puree that they give you in the box. It’s delicious but we found it helps cook the base through better if only half is used.


4. Use all the cheese because, cheese! Bash it up nicely before sprinkling it on – it spreads deceptively well!

5. Stick it in the oven and cook it for 2 minutes longer than suggested, or just watch the edges are crispy and brown and pull it out.

You will get a crunchy, tasty, not-flowery base with golden, gooey cheese on a gluten-free pizza, YAY! Enjoy!

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