One App To Booksy Them All!

I think at this point we’ve all realised how much time we “wasted” rushing around town, sitting in traffic and squishing in as many things as we could in a day, before COVID times set in.¬†Businesses, however, have had to pivot in a massive way and that means some of our most loved businesses are disappearing (I’m still crying over Raptor Room!), but people are also taking their futures into their hands and realising it’s time to take life by the horns and go for broke.

But with isolating, lockdowns and working from home, the new question has become – how much can we actually do from home and where do we need help? For example: used to go to the library? Kindle. Used to pop into the post office while at work? Not any more. Shopping during lunch time? Thanks Sixty60 and Dash!

On the flip side, when I went for my first hair cut I asked my hairdresser how it was going and she said she’d never spent so much time fixing bad home haircuts! So, as much as I love to life the app life, sometimes you really do need a professional service to physically help you, like a hairdresser, nail tech, doctor, dentist, etc.

BUT, booking them should be easy. As someone who works in digital marketing, I personally can’t handle telephone calls any more and if I can do it on an app, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get my business. But – not every business on the planet has money for an app to either service booking or share their offering. Enter BOOKSY!

Basically take all the independent physical services, stick them in one app and voila – business bookings at your finger tips! PS Why is the beauty industry always so behind when it comes to tech?

When I logged onto the app (which is free by the way) I had NO idea there were so many hair salons in my area – since where?! I went through the process just out of curiosity, took a few screenshots to share with you (I’m on iPhone but it’s available for Android as well):

I also like that the prices of the services are available as well because usually you have to Google the website, check out he prices, then call to book. This way you can see a few options and then book the one that suits you or ask them when you arrive if your information is correct (you’re not going in blind).

Lastly, it’s a great directory for new businesses. As I say, I had no idea there were so many service providers in my area. I think could be a real game changer when it comes to finding a service within your price range, area or actual service you’re after.

Full disclosure – I have NOT booked anything through the site yet, I just didn’t want to forgot about so I’m sharing it here so we can all access it again later!¬†

If you’ve given Booksy a go, please let me know how well it worked? Comment here or DM me on Instagram.




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