Competition Terms and Conditions

Should you like to enter a competition on Boring Cape Town Chick blog, please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions which apply to every competition, unless stated otherwise:

  1. Social accounts flooded with competition entries will not be considered for a prize. Competitions are hosted for brands to reach consumers who are genuinely interested in their products and to reward loyal readers. Accounts used for the sole purpose of entering competitions will not be considered. Winners’ accounts are checked for competition spam before prizes are awarded.
  2. Winners must follow Boring Cape Town Chick on Twitter or Facebook at the time of announcing winners.
  3. Readers who enter competitions must be 18 years of age and over, unless stated otherwise.
  4. On occasion semi-finalists will be contacted at the same time. Whoever replies FIRST will be awarded the prize.
  5. While every effort is made to ensure service providers provide the agreed prize, should they fall through, Boring Cape Town Chick will not be held liable for stated prizes.
  6. Entries from winners over the last 3 months will not be prioritised. (Come on! Give the others a chance to win something too.)
  7. Suppliers of the prize may select the winners from time to time.
  8. Any issues with the prize packages are not Boring Cape Town Chick’s responsibility. Please speak to the event manager or brand or postman directly.

Have fun!