Hello and welcome to my lifestyle blog: Boring Cape Town Chick! I’m Meg and this is my corner of the internet to doodle.

Boring Cape Town Chick started in 2012 when my (then) boyfriend suggested I gave up Farmville for blogging. I took his advice and never looked back! (It’s also probably why I married him 😉 .)

I have a unique background as I was made in Zimbabwe, born in South Africa, grew up in Namibia, moved to London and back to Cape Town, which has given me a different perspective as a South African.

My blog drove me to develop my social media channels, learn WordPress and explore SEO. It allowed me to practice my digital marketing skills and my creativity.

I’ve gone through many phases of what Boring Cape Town Chick should be – is it a magazine website? Is it a diary? It is an entertainment site? As with many digital platforms, it has been ever changing – until now.

Finally, I’ve stopped working for free until 1am in the morning and have learnt to say no! I’ve gone back to basics and I’m sharing what I care about and I hope you find my posts entertaining, informative, fun and inspiring.

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TEAM TEAM Photography

Team Team Photography is the name of my our freelance photography business. My husband (now days, ore often than not) is my photographer and works under the brand “Team Team Photography”. As I’ve become increasingly busy at work, he has stepped in to assist with images for my blog. Check out his Facebook page if you’d like to book him for an event.


* These views are my own and do not represent any of the companies I work for, nor the brands they represent, unless stated otherwise. Should a post be paid for, I will state as commissioned or sponsored below the post copy.

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