Media Kit

Thanks for your interest in collaborating with Boring Cape Town Chick, welcome!

This entertainment blog is my little corner of the internet where I share things that intrigue me. With a passion for digital marketing, social technologies and creativity, it’s the perfect place to share my thoughts while testing digital mediums and my digital market knowledge.

Here’s a little more about those who have shared this space with me over the 2019.


While I started with a set rate, I’ve actually found different projects require different rates so I’m open to negotiating with prospective brands about what works for the individual project.

Generally, my package will include:

  • 1 x blog post
  • 1 x share to Facebook page
  • 1 x share to Twitter feed

Stories are often used for press drops in order to increase brand awareness among active users. Please contact me to discuss a collaboration with your brand.

What’s the Difference Between a Blogger & an Influencer?

Influencers have a large scale impact on audiences via social media. Their primary services, so to speak, are awareness and conversions. Meaning, they have an highly engaged audience who will consume most, if not all, of their content.

This creates awareness and ultimately conversions as the trust factor is so high. Their content is often short lived due to the fact that social posts can not be searched for via Google and are ephemeral (only last 24 hours).

Bloggers have a more long term offering as websites and pages appear in Google search results. Something that was created 2 years ago can still be found on Google today should a user search for a particular topic that a blogger covered.

Blogs and website also influence how a brand appears on Google. When a user Google somethings and a list of results appears, these results are shaped by features from other websites. Bloggers influence this by the relevance of their coverage to the search and the quality of content. Social influencing can not shape search results in anyway.