Zero Alcohol and Driving…

Minister of Transport S’bu Ndebele is considering implementing a law that NO alcohol may be consumed whilst driving. So say goodbye to those tasty margaritas over dinner at Panchos or a tasty 2 4 1 at Neighbourhood before you hit the 6pm traffic.

None of us can deny the fact that there are WAY too many road accidents in South Africa, many caused from alcohol, however, I enjoyed the statistic in this morning’s newspaper, “50% {of those in road accidents} tested positive for alcohol…while 40% were pedestrians, most of whom were drunk when they were knocked over.” – Cape Times. Does this mean we’ll be banning drinking and walking too?

Ndebele hopes to rule out ANY drinking which will cut down on paper work. Where you drinking? Yes or No? Not how much, when, what time? etc. It will be a clear question. There is also talk of a preliminary license being granted to those who pass their drivers’ test, if too many mistakes are made within a certain time period then the license will not be granted. This might not be a bad idea considering half the people on the road literally drive like it’s their 3 lesson!

None of these laws have been put forward or passed as of yet. I’m ok with strict laws but then I expect a decent public transport system because I’m not paying an arm and a leg in cab fares every time I want to go out.

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