The Cold Turkey Debate

Without a doubt, Cold Turkey is travelling at the speed of light to be one of the biggest fortnightly parties in Cape Town this season, but for those from from the co.lab generation and first edition of Cold Turkey are starting to question whether Cold Turkey 2 is losing its magic?

It’s the old story of something blowing up and all the initial followers having a bitch about “how it used to be before…” so how much of it is valid? Does one not wish the organisers of Cold Turkey success? Shouldn’t a good thing be shared? Don’t the DJ’s enjoy receiving a gesture payment? Isn’t Amadoda a great venue any day of the week?

Or is Cold Turkey turning into the new La Med? Where it’s important to be trendy no matter who’s playing or what style it is. Or, “it wasn’t about the money”? All the DJ’s who played for free initially played for passion and the attendees wanted to experience their deeper, artistic sets. Has CT lost it’s authenticity and satisfying sparkle?

Or is everyone happy for it to be whatever is turns out to be, even if it means trendy? Commercial? Audience cross over gig? Fun Sunday? Source of phat beats? I see both sides and can’t decide. Que cera cera I suppose. The only thing I know for sure is that parking is a complete bitch from 4pm onwards these days, best get there early!

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