This Biltong is Cray!


What is up with the price of biltong? I can’t say I’ve spent my life worrying about it but now that I’ve made a conscious effort to notice, I’m pretty shocked.

Yesterday I found delicious biltong at Pay n Pay for R239.99/kg. This is a reasonable price but still expensive, what beef by kilogram costs R250?! Wagu!? I bought bulk rump yesterday for R92.00/kg and Porterhouse steak for R96.00/kg, a good R150 short of the biltong price.

The snap stix or whatever the harder, twisted, stick version of biltong is called, is R350/kg in Pick n Pay, wtf?! What beef costs R350/kg?! I grew up with people who made biltong all the time. Individuals who paid for hunting permits, accommodation and petrol might charge more for biltong (not that they did, we got it for free) but I’m not convinced that large manufacturers have these overheads, so where’s the cost coming from?

If you know someone in the biltong industry, I’d love to hear from them and learn about what it entails and if these prices are warranted.

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