[Interview] Logistics (UK) in Cape Town, Electricity 2012

Ramfest Productions is bringing out two of drum n bass’s most formidable producers. Following on from bringing Netsky to Ramfest, they continue with Hospital Records favourites: Logistics and Sigma. Always one to push the party, Ramfest are hosting TWO parties on the same night in the Cape Town, one in Stellenbosch and one at the Assembly. To catch your favourite DJs playing along side these two Hospital Records giants, click here. I asked Logistics a few questions about his up and coming tour to South Africa.

BCTC: You’re heading to South Africa in a few weeks. When you started DJing / producing did you ever imagine you’d travel to far and remote locations? Or was that your goal?

LOGISTICS: It was obviously a big dream of mine of to DJ abroad when I was younger but I never imagined in a million years that I’d get to DJ in South Africa. I’m super excited about playing Drum and Bass in a country that has quite a new scene, for me they are always the best gigs!

BCTC: What song blew your mind and really got you hooked on the idea and sparked the will to DJ? 

LOGISTICS: There were loads of tunes that got me hooked; “11.55” by Roni Size and DJ Die and also “Pulp Fiction” by Alex Reece were both big standouts.

BCTC: Has your background influenced you in any way to make you want to produce?

LOGISTICS: I’ve always been a big music fan since the age of about 11/12 years old. I started off in bands before deciding that production was what I really wanted to do.

BCTC: What makes a good set? Is technical ability as important as tunes selection?

LOGISTICS: It’s a balance of the two for, although I’ve always been more about tune selection. I’d always much rather listen to a DJ with basic technical skills and good tune selection than a DJ that has amazing technical ability but awful taste in music.

BCTC: How important is it to have diverse dnb? 

LOGISTICS: I think it’s very important, as soon as everyone starts following one sound or style the scene starts to stagnate. Drum and Bass has always been about progressing and bringing in all kinds of influences so diversity is a big part of that.

BCTC: How do you know when you’ve written something good? 

LOGISTICS: When I can’t stop listening to it!

BCTC: You’ve been with Hospital Records for many years, how has the label helped you?

LOGISTICS: They’ve been great, the best thing about working with them is that I get lots of time and freedom to work in the studio. It’s also grown so much now from when I first started working with them and there are all kinds of huge club nights and festivals that they do which are really great to play at.

BCTC: At this stage of your career, are you still influenced by other artists? 

LOGISTICS: Absolutely, there are lots of great producers out that keep me on my toes. The production standards are so high these days and even if I don’t like some peoples tunes for their musical content I can usually appreciate their music for the production values.

BCTC: Your latest album recently dropped. How relevant do you feel an album is in an iTunes buy-the-song-you-like era?

LOGISTICS: I still think there is room for albums, it all depends on the listener really. For me personally, I still love listening to a good album from start to finish. The SBTRKT album is a perfect example of something that really works from start to finish and twists and turns in all the right places.

BCTC: What can fans expect from your sets in South Africa?

LOGISTICS: I play a wide range of Drum and Bass and will be sure to represent that as well as a lot of the Hospital Records sound. I’m sure I’ll have some of my own new music to play as well, I’ve already got quite a few new tracks finished so I’ll try to get those into my set.

BCTC: What are you expecting from the South African audience? 

LOGISTICS: I’d seen that Netsky and Darrison were out there earlier in the year and the crowd looked great then so hopefully it’ll be something similar to that!

BCTC: Apart from DJing, is there anything else you hope to do in RSA? Tourism is big here!

There’s a whole heap of things I’d like to visit but top of my list would have to be the Boulders Beach Penguin Colony and also Table Mountain. I know they are both obvious choices but based on what friends have told me I’m really hoping I get to see both of those.

Catch Logistics (UK) and Sigma (UK) along side SA’s finest, Hyphen and Rudeone, dnb producers Damage Inc and well as Dublusion, Riotsquad, George Daniel, Das Kapital and Bruce Willis?? at the Assembly for the Cape Town edition of Electricity 2012.


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