Clifton Shores…what you missed (not)…

If you’re one of the unfortunate (read: fortunate) few to not own DSTV, then you wouldn’t have been tuned in along with the thousands of other South Africans viewing the first episode of the new ‘reality’ show – Clifton Shores.

Obviously a lame name spin off from Jersey Shores (who would want to name or create a show in that liking, I have no idea), Clifton Shores is based around 4 female Americans who land a job working for a billionaire in Cape Town. The show starts with 4 girls pretending to get a call for the first time about their job application – by a receptionist with a British accent calling from South Africa, random. They’ve got the job and need to fly out the very next day – yeah, like that’s realistic.

Once arriving in South Africa they drive down through the flats Clifton where by they see cows grazing on the side of the road – not unusual for Cape Town. This is where the divide in characters begins. #TeamBrunette, as they’re dubbed on Twitter, comment along the lines of – Wow, we should try make a difference whilst we’re here. We were worrying about how big our walk in and bathrooms are going to be, this is really sad.” The other 2 girls in another vehicle are blonde and comment, “Oh my gosh are those their pets and then do they like eat them?” Sigh. Yes, poverty is just a game us Africans play, we’re really pet-cow loving vegetarians.

Of course us South Africans can never play nice and the Twitter comments being thrown out were GOLD! They include:

“@Derro_SA: That’s now the 2nd shipwreck Clifton has experienced in a year! #CliftonShores”

“‏@OlafSchaum OK… #CliftonShores ends with “Giant Mistake” from the Parlotones… Enough said.”

“@Jacob_G_Zuma #CliftonShores Where did they find all those straight guys in Cape Town?”

“@MissFickleheart Credits roll: created by Quinton Van der burgh. directed by Quinton Van der burgh. Starring & Obviously funded by him. Ego! #Cliftonshores”

“@Dose_of_Zee #CliftonShores #jerseyshore The Souf Efrican version wouldnt have #snooki but rather Snoeki?”

The girls have already been dubbed Clifton Whores and I feel sorry for any dudes that hooked up with them. Now the nation will see you embarrass yourself on international tv, Nice. The authenticity of the creator, director and star – Quinton Van Der Burgh was also questioned but apparently he does exist, is a millionaire and did create, direct and star in the show – he’s the one with the thick SA accent after his mate Judd, who’s accent is even worse. “We gotta go to a sup-pa.” I enjoyed the fact that the ladies received a bottle of champagne from “the man at the bar”. One chick asks, “What does he look like?” soon to learn the bubbly is from said creator, director and star. And whilst Mark Shuttleworth goes to the moon and promotes open source software, Mr VDB promotes himself and his mail-order assistants.

I personally watch a lot of reality TV and didn’t think it was the world’s worst show, the biggest down fall was how it was staged. The fact that the boss buys them champagne and earlier meets them whilst they lounge in their bikinis at the hotel pool is just weird. I wouldn’t want my boss hanging around whilst I was half naked, ew. And his accent is so strong against theirs, it’s cringe worthy. One of the girl’s friends said to her before she left, “I feel like they’re all going to hate you.” Women’s intuition much?!

FYI I hope their followers don’t dramatically increase from this point!!!

@KatyJohnson1: 1867

@Jamilletteg: 924

@DestinyMoniz: 1026 (She’s ok, she can stay.) I couldn’t find Kathy but I can hear the whining already! “I have no luggage and I’m starving!” LOL

The South African girls:

@Raquel_OD: 77 (Ag sweet)

Of course 2OV was all over the stars this week which is also kinda annoying, give air time to ppl who need it, not to those who DEFINITELY don’t!


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