The Sun Sets on Homegrown, Cape Town’s BIGGEST Drum n Bass Night…

It’s been announced, November 3rd 2012 will be the last night of Algorhythmn’s Homegrown. A staple in the Cape Town club scene, Homegrown has been running for 12 years purely on drum n bass and passion.

I didn’t even know drum n bass existed 12 years ago! or 10 years ago or 8 years ago or 5 years ago! That means that Homegrown has been connecting Cape Town to european developed electronic music genres for as long as we’ve been trying to pass high school!

Maybe if I’d been cooler earlier I would have joined the fun earlier! Congratulations to the Counterstrike boys who have successfully entertained and educated the Cape Town music scene via promoting local talent, music and artists.

The last Homegrown will occur at Mercury Live on November 3rd. Make sure you get there early as it WILL be mental, you know it never lets you down 😉

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