Pressure’s 1st Birthday this Saturday 4th Jan, 2014

DJ in DJ box with green lights and the word Pressure outlined in blue in front of him.It’s Pressure’s 1st Birthday this Saturday night! If you missed them last nigh at Rezonance, like I did (boo) then you can make up for it this weekend at Mercury.

Pressure started in the Goliath shadow of Homegrown, South Africa’s longest running monthly drum n bass night of 12 years. There have been huge changes since Pressure begun with Mercury having their number of people capped by the City of Cape Town, the new 2am liquor laws curbing the party scene in Cape Town at 2am, rise in DJ rates, staff rates and booze as well as staff conflicts.

Audience looking at stage with white light shiningDespite all the difficulties, Pressure has managed to keep going even though many supporters of Homegrown said goodbye to their drum n bass passion when Homegrown ended (how that makes sense, I have NO idea). So if you haven’t been to Pressure yet and you do still love drum n bass, please vote with your feet and support Pressure’s 1st birthday this weekend. Without these nights Cape Town will become a deep house monopoly! Keep subculture alive, keep our city dynamic, support local projects.

Where: Mercury Live
When: Saturday 4th January 2014
Why: For the love of drum n bass feat. Hyphen, Rudeone, MACH4 (EAU) A33 & MC Tan
What: R50 before 10pm, R60 thereafter.

Make sure you join the Pressure 1st Birthday Facebook event to keep up to date with further details.