[VIDEO] Omeca Presents the Mad Decent Block Party 2014, Cape Town,

cars parked in front of street party, light cloud at block partyI was honestly exhausted after the CTEMF. Not hung over but body and aurally tired from 2 nights and 2 days of electronic goodness. Because of this, I wasn’t THAT ampt to head to the Mad Decent Block Party.

I’d seen Diplo play at the Assembly a while back and knew he put on a good show but I truly was very tired. Omeca were kind enough to give me tickets so because of this, I managed to scrape myself off the couch and drive to town.

Upon arrival, the fantastic city location made me feel good. There was more than enough parking, Webtickets efficiently let us in once again and we slowly explored our way through the event.


#MDBPThere were numerous food trucks offering party goers something to eat, a shaded seating area and dance floor sprayers which I know would have been vital earlier on in the day. Most importantly, the sound was great! The bass resignated through the party as the lights caught the top of buildings. My only 1 tiny complaint was that I was in NO mood for an alcoholic beverage so I ordered a Sprite – which came in a plastic cup with grass floating in it LOL! A can would have been more pleasant but the 2L bottles did keep the bar prices very reasonable. O.o

Major Lazer ShowLINE UP

We caught the end of Flosstradamous and the rest of Dillion Francis’ set. The bass music definitely perked up my mood but I was elevated when Major Lazer started. WOW! I wish I hadn’t been so tired because their set was RIDICULOUS! The sound was awesome and their high energy pulled my spirits up. Lights, flags, streamers, Diplo in a hamster ball, things you bang together that I’ve only seen at the rugby LOL and professional twerkers. It was great!

Major Lazer REALLY knows how to put on a show. And respect to them – they’re one of the few electronic acts that have embraced the practice of putting on a show. And why shouldn’t they? Just because electronic music is a relatively new art form doesn’t mean they can’t adopt the creative style of theater. The Major Lazer show absolutely rocked!

Major Lazer show cape townCongratulations to Omeca for a fantastic block party. Diplo said it was the first one they’ve done outside of the States and it was certainly one to be proud of. Here’s to the next one!



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