Eye Witness News’ Report on Ramfest 2014

Ramfest 2014 was another success event. It just goes to show that a strong brand with positive online community engagement can lead to a successful event irrespective of the festival having numerous locations.

Eye Witness News visited Ramfest this year to take a look at all your party animals. And told me something I did not know: The Foals front man is from Cape Town?! I had NO idea! I woulda payed closer attention if I knew I supporting a fellow Capetonian!

I had to have a little giggle at their labels though, “Rob Van Vuuren – Festival Attendee”,”Natalie Roos – Festival Attendee” – no mention of their careers! (Van Vuuren is one of South Africa’s most well-known comedians (Korne & Twakkie) and Roos is a former TV presenter.

Thanks EWN for creating a PG version of the festival for our folks to see us on tele 😀


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