Kleinsky’s Deli, Sea Point

This Saturday night I was thrilled to be invited to the launch of Kleinsky’s, the latest deli on Sea Point main road. Kleinsky’s is owned by the two Klein brothers, Adam and Joel, who were inspired by the deli scene in New York city. Adam says of Kleinsky’s, “The aim is to bring a little taste of New York to our hometown. We wanted to do something that was personal and honest. It’s food we know, love and want to share.”


The small eatery is located at the end of Regent Street in Sea Point (near the circle) and adorns beautiful charcoal styled drawings of Cape Town, including Clifton’s 4th beach, the Promenade and various other iconic scenes.

IMG_1377IMG_1388The menu offers smears, matza soup as well as bagels, among other fair. I was lucky enough to taste a few of the offerings on Saturday night and enjoyed all of them for various reasons. I’d never had matzo soup before! Like a consume with rustic veg and shredded chicken, it’s warm, comforting and delicious. Not to forget to mention the matza ball which was very tasty!


Toast is one of my favourite things on the planet so I also really enjoy the chicken mayo bruscetta. Pastrami with mild mustard and sour kraut is one of my all time favourite pairings and Kleinskys’ version is divine! I could eat one right now!


For dessert we had warm, little pastry rolls (sorry my knowledge on the name of the cuisine items isn’t very good) but they were beautiful! Buttery, short crust pastry melting in your mouth with a soft chocolate center, delicious.

I can’t wait to return to Kleinsky’s and enjoy a full meal- although picking which one will be tough! I think it’ll have to be the pastrami just because it’s so unique and delicious. Then again, the chicken was good too…ok I’ll leave it at that!

Find Kleinsky’s at 95 Regent Road, Sea Point.

They’re open for lunch this week. For more information, join the Kleinsky’s Facebook page or follow Kleinsky’s on Twitter.


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