Cape Town Lego Exhibition: The Art of the Brick (Until 28th February)

The ARt of the BrickThe Lego exhibition The Art of the Brick is currently on at the V&A Waterfront. It’s open to all ages and celebrates the joy (and the art) that is Lego. (I still have all of mine from when I was a kid!) I went to explore the show in December and here’s what I found:

At first we didn’t know where to go! The invitation said the shed but there didn’t seem to be a direct door. Someone in the outside smoking section directed us and we found the door midway down in the shed. So don’t be alarmed if you can’t see it from the road.

Tlego apple, lego world, lego globe, lego cheetah, lego lion, lego buffalo, lego rhino, lego elephanthere is a little arch way that welcomes you to the exhibition. It’s housed in a two story building that allows the visitor to pass through in darkened tunnels and stairwells.

While I always knew this would be for kids, I have to say it was rather different to what I had expected. In reality, it’s a very grown up exhibition and the only appeal, for kids, is that it’s made out of Lego. The reason why I say this is because so many of the art works have historical references which, as adults, we love. For example, famous artworks like Starry Starry Night (Von Gogh) or the Arnolfini Portrait (Giovanni di Nicolao Arnolfini).

Lego scultures of peopleYou will have to brace yourself for lots of children though as many families are taking the time to enjoy the exhibition let their kids run around and let everyone else babysit them. I’d recommend going in the evening when it may be a bit more quiet and you can take your time to visit.

There are a number of different types of ‘sculptures’at the exhibition. From free standing objects (like an apple and pencil) to actual sculptures (humans posting), famous artworks and animals (dinosaurs).

Lego skullsThere’s also a video projected on the wall that I would suggest taking in, even if only for a few moments. It explains how the artist created many of the works. I tried myself at home and it’s definitely much harder than you think it’ll be!

Pop down to the Lego exhibition for a day of fun filled art. It’s a great family outing (I suggest families go in the morning) or couples outing (I recommend couples go in the evening when it’s quieter).

DATE: Ends 28th February 2015
TIME: 9am – 6pm (Book an Art of the Brick Cape Town Tickets starting hour online)
DURATION: As long or short as you like 🙂
VENUE: Jubilee Exhibition Hall
COST: R140 for adults and R95 for kids. Entry for children under two is free.

lego dinosaur



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