Enjoy High Tea at the Table Bay Hotel

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I was recently lucky enough to work with the Table Bay Hotel in order to visit and enjoy their high tea. I was really excited as I had never eaten at the hotel, yet had always enjoyed food from Camissa at the Taste of Cape Town Festival. On this particular Saturday, Cape Town was showing off like a beacon of South African pride.

The hotel is located on the far end of the Waterfront which allows visitors to stroll dock side and examine the harbour in a different light and appreciate it in all it’s nautical glory.

V&A Waterfront BoatIMG_5221_2

The Table Bay Hotel makes you feel proudly South African as it reminds you of everything that is good about South Africa. Great cuisine, beautiful views and a certain sense of humbleness as one takes in the awe inspiring surroundings. Outside the hotel is a monument that hosts plagues of all the amazing people who have visited the hotel, including our father uTata Madiba. While the sun shone down on us (and this seagull had a sense of humour) it was a beautiful moment to remind us of our possibility.

Table Bay Hotel

My friend Panda and I were warmly welcomed to the hotel and took a seat inside the light lounge. Decorated in a historical naughtical theme, we took in the view beyond.

IMG_5279A professional and knowledgeable server explained to us that there are 3 courses, the first being a sandwich course. We were presented with delicate, delicious finger sandwiches. I ordered a pot of rooibos tea – each person has a selection of 3 teas. I don’t usually drink hot things but I wanted to experience the high tea for all it was. I wasn’t expecting much as, in my mind, tea is tea. But when I tasted the rooibos it was the best cup of tea I’d ever had! So smooth! It totally surprised me and was wonderful!

Tea Sandwiches at the Table Bay Hotel

The second course was the baked savoury items. Again, I’d left the sausage rolls to the end as I figured a sausage roll is just a sausage roll. Boy was I wrong (again)! Turned out to be the most delicate, buttery, delicious sausage roll I’d ever had!

I also enjoyed the scones, although I don’t feel the chocolate scones were very successful as they had not risen. The quality of chocolate used was excellent though. Served with jam, cream and lemon curd – the curd was the most delicious lemon curd I had ever had! Although it had split slightly, the balance was divine. I could eat a whole pot!


The final course was the desserts selection. An entire buffet of baked and cold bakes, puddings and desserts.

IMG_5242I hadn’t realised that the hotel was such a family orientated venue. This was also apparent in the buffet, which has a wonderful selection of fun cakes which look and taste wonderful. The signature rainbow cheese cake was a hit with everyone.

IMG_5245 IMG_5246Rainbow cheesecake that Table Bay Hotel

I was also impressed to find a Death by Chocolate (DBC) cake that really IS DBC. SO often people call things DBC when it wouldn’t even stand up to a Barone! But the Table Bay Hotel Death by Chocolate cake is no joke. Good luck finishing a slice after all the other treats. In fact, I wouldn’t have minded if they’d halved all the portions as there’s no much to taste and enjoy, one can’t finish it all (and wasting always makes me feel bad).


I also enjoyed the panacotta, although I’m not much of a sauce person and tipped most of it out, it was fun to eat out of a pint sized dessert glass. The coffee and chocolate ganache is also rich and decadent. And if you loved the lemon curd as much as I did, get round two on the lemon meringue ‘cookies’.


While enjoying the afternoon tea one can look out the impressive glass windows across the city to the mountain. It makes the experience all the more dreamy. I also enjoyed the professional pianist who played a number of new and old songs including Love the Life You Do  by Ellie Goulding from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack as well as Elton John.




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