[WIN] Brand New Klipdrift Alcopop: NGQO

Award winning South African brandy, Klipdrift is branching out and sharing SA’s love for brandy with those who prefer a toot on the lighter side of life. Introducing NGQO, a brand new ready-to-drink beverage, designed to satisfy SA’s thirst for refreshment and flavour.

Cold coloured alcoholic drink in glass on white bookshelf

Created by the master brandy blenders at Klipdrift who used their expertise to balance the smooth boldness of brandy with enticing fruity notes of citrus, apple and a hint of ginger, NGQO is available in 440ml cans.

I had to crack open a can and give it a go! Gold in colour, NGQO tastes like brandy and ginger ale with a smidge of beer. It’s NOT a beer, by it has a beery aroma. With 5% alcohol volume, this is a great drink for outdoor street parties, summer festivals or hanging around the fire.

Cold coloured alcoholic drink in glass on white bookshelf

What Does Ngqo Mean?

Ngqo is a Zulu word that means “hits the spot” or “an exact fit” explained Klipdrift Marketing Manager Genius Mnywabe.

“The inspiration for Klipdrift Ngqo comes from the spirit of friendship and conviviality that we find all over our country. While pronouncing the Ngqo click might be a tongue-twister for some, Klipdrift Ngqo is guaranteed to be a palate pleaser for those who do not want to be restricted to one set of flavour profiles. It’s a delightful fusion of flavours and refreshment that will appeal to those who enjoy wine, beer or brandy.”

Klipdrift Ngqo is best enjoyed served ice-cold in the company of good friends and great times. Klipdrift Ngqo is available from all leading liquor stores around the country but you can win a six pack right here!

Here’s how to enter:

(Unfortunately, this competition is only open to Cape Town residents.)

Please read the T’s & C’s above in the WIN tab. Thank you and good luck! Competition starts today and ends at the end of July 2017. Winners will be mailed directly.





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