How Many South Africans Are Really Emigrating?

With all the pain and anguish of the past month throughout South Africa (ironically, September was Women’s Month) the topic of emigration has reared its tempting head again.

Truth be told, it’s a topic that’s never too far from a women’s mind. With difficulties in skills development, cost of living, expensive health care and constant threat of violence, each year it gets more tempting to leave South Africa.

As someone who went to boarding school and has lived in various countries myself and has said goodbye to many a friend through emigration, I thought it would be good to get some facts on the matter. Ryan Rennison, MD of Move Up, says,

While the media’s narrative can make it seem like we are in the throes of a mass exodus of people from South Africa, the truth is that emigration is a natural phenomenon in every country in the world and it’s been happening for millennia.

South Africa’s current emigration stats are similar to the global average: that is, approximately 0.3% of a country’s total population emigrates from their country of origin each year.

If you feel like the hills are also calling, you’re worrying about personal safety and the safety of your children, here are some up to date facts on emigration from South Africa:

Who is Move Up?

Move Up is a UK-specific immigration consultancy that assists with lodging UK visa applications for South African citizens.  Founder and managing director of the company, Ryan Rennison is an expert in the field, with over 10 years of experience helping people relocate to the United Kingdom.



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