Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite Tour Videos from Grand Arena, Cape Town, 13.07.11

I was toying with the idea of attending Kylie Minogue’s concert in Cape Town for the past fortnight. I’ve always enjoyed her pop songs but haven’t ever bought any of her albums so the thought of shelling out wasn’t an easy one. Luckily for me, I managed to land tickets on the day of the concert and boy am I glad that I attended the show!

I’m not sure who the opening DJ was but he successfully played some funky beats to get the audience in the ‘gees’. I couldn’t see any CD-J’s / vinyl…could it be Serato? I can’t say so I guess that’s all I can say for his DJing. None the less, I assumed there wouldn’t be an opening act due to the magnitude of the Kylie show so “que sera sera”.

As for Kylie, the only way I can describe her concert is in her own words, Wow! It was Love At First Sight! Spinning Around! Locomotion! Aphrodite is not a concert it’s a show! With 8 costume changes, aerial acrobats, 3D pegasus, dancers, massive full screen visuals and a live band, this was a next level production. Unfortunately, it’s left me feeling a little hard done by. Why haven’t any other visiting bands tried this hard? Janet Jackson back in 98/99 (?) was the last concert I attended where they had displayed a full production, nothing has compared since. Kylie has set a new bench mark.

Singing more than 20 songs including: The One, Wow, I Believe, Spinning Around, Can’t Get You Out of My Head, Get Outta My Way, If You Don’t Love Me, In My Arms, How Does it Feel, Love at First Sight, Better the Devil You Know, Locomotion, Breathe, All the Lovers, Confide in Me and two special arrangements; one for Slow, which was arranged in a bluesy jazz style, and On a Night Like This which included a dubstep bridge section; Kylie wowed the audience from the moment she arose like Botticelli’s Venus until her All the Lovers’ styled pyramid finale. With her Greek themed costumes, Atlantis styled backdrop and semi-nude-pop visuals, agile dancers, extensive lighting rig and two equally talented back up singers, Aphrodite captivated the audience with the correct balance of upbeat songs, slow tempo ballads and considerate costume change interludes.

I’m not sure if Kylie knew she was visiting the gay capital of Africa, but our boys did not disappoint! Feet stamping, blowing kisses, chanting, clapping and dancing were all the order of the day and who could blame them? Not only was Kylie a bombshell but the dancers were on fire!! There were more than a few fine specimens gracing the stage, as well as the visuals, including a ‘black angel’ with a ten pack and a body like Fort Knox! This was a show for EVERYONE…except maybe straight men, of which I saw VERY few and those who were there seemed very out of sorts!

From my pink armband (perfect girls’ night accessory) to the gold ‘rizla’ they shot out over the audience as the show closed, Kylie and the Aphrodite Tour left the Grand Arena filled with fun, smiles and bubbles of happiness, exactly what a pop show ought to deliver.

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