5 Things to Take to Oppikoppi WITHOUT A DOUBT!

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So after braving the groot mission all the way to Limpopo from Cape Town, there were a few things that I would hands down recommend for any traveler, who intends on visiting Oppikoppi festival, to bring with them. The rest one can compromise on but these 5 things are VITAL!


No matter how big your hat is or how rad your sunglasses are, NOTHING will protect you against the Limpopo elements like sunblock. After applying factor 40 myself for 2 days in a row, I didn’t even come home with a slight tan. This is a good thing. Although the days were beautiful, once the sun rises at 6am it’s up until 6pm which means one is right in the firing line for sunburn. I saw one girls with completely scorched feet and couldn’t help but gasp. You’re in the middle of no where and there’s no relief from the sun, before being exposed or after being burnt. I recommend the Cansa Association recommended spray on sunblock. It works like a spray paint can, easy applied(diminishes grease factor) and actually quite fun to do!


I had no idea that there would be NO toilets in the general camping AT ALL! Yes there were showers but by the time you’ve stood in the queue (competing with 16 000 people) it really doesn’t seem worth it. Wet wipes are the PERFECT solution to a no bath / shower zone whilst camping. The dust at Oppikoppi is next level and wet wipes will allow you to maintain those delicate body areas with dignity!!!


No food? No booze? No cigarettes? No water? Money will solve all these problems! If you’re flying up and bringing the bare minimum, these things are readily solved within the festival…as long as you have cash. No, you can not buy a tent or sleeping bag at the festival! But pretty much everything else is covered 🙂


Ok I know these are 2 things but a sleeping bag goes without saying. My point is about a mattress or even a yoga mat.  Used as much as for comfort as for warmth it also protects you from the cool earth. On Saturday night I couldn’t quite fall asleep because the top of my body was very warm (under sleeping bag) but my underside was being constantly chilled by the cool earth beneath the built in ground sheet, constantly waking me up. Even if you sleep in a car, you’ll need a sleeping bag, tents are the obvious choice but these 2 options can not be compromised on!


Yip. Do NOT make the mistake of having a hang over in 30 degree weather. Everyone is bound to feel shite at some point during the festival, make sure that you’re prepared! This climate is not for sissies! Genpain saved the asses of our ENTIRE campsite throughout the weekend as we took turns partying large! Do NOT go to Oppikoppi without pain killers, you are guaranteed to over do it at some point!

With these COMPULSORY top 5 items, these B-List items can also make your life easier 🙂


The fact that you will not be bathing during the festival means the dirt will build up under your nails. Gross – I know. Painting your finger nails will prohibit you from being too agitated by dirty finger nails, do it!


Bathroom privacy is pretty scarce at Oppikoppi, so the least you can do is all spit out under the same tree. After brushing our teeth on the first day, it was all good. By day three, with water running low, half of us resorted to brushing our teeth with Hunters Dry cider. Yes, it’s THAT kind of festival. Easy solution? Listerine or some other mouth wash. SO easy to use, with a little floss, it makes keeping your mouth clean a WHOLE lot easier in a limited water environment.


Unbeknownst to me, NO rubbish is collected from the campsite during Oppikoppi. I suspect this is to keep potential thieves out of the campsite. Fair enough, however, this also means that the rubbish builds up and up and up and up! Plastic packets (use the ones from the groceries) means that rubbish can be kept in one big pile, keeping your campsite remotely tidy. Also, the dust and dead grass attack your shoes outside your tent in the middle of the night! If you stick your shoes in a packet, this will save them from these greedy earthy elements!


Unlike the Western Cape, campers are allowed to make knee high fires at Oppikoppi. This is awesome! But it also means that EVERYONE leaves the campsite smelling like a bush fire. This wasn’t that obvious to me until I put my jersey on to fly home. HOLY BUSH FIRE! I ponged! Key: Always bring 1 top with you so you can wear it home on the aeroplane without scaring off other passengers.


I love wearing dresses but the truth is that you will be sitting on the ground for 90% of your trip. Apart from avoiding ‘flashing’ shorts will also keep the grass out your knickers! There’s dead grass everywhere and shorts are far more practical than a skirt or dress, however pretty they may be.

This is the list of things I would not dare leave home without if I ever visit Oppikoppi again. The good thing is that list applies to all festivals, so keep it in mind if you’re going to any outdoor festival 🙂

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