NOT to be Missed on the RedBull Stage at Rocking The Daisies 2011!

So the fight for time slots is on! But WHO will be gracing our ears with their presence? RTD has been very ‘shnoep’ with their artist release, having us all on the edge of our cooler boxes to find out who will be bass pumping us into the night. So far, here’re a few of the gems recently released that I will not be missing!

Kid Fonque: After catching his set at Oppikoppi this year, this man is taking the down low too far. A mixture of many electronic genres (some I don’t even know the name of), KF takes you on a rad musical journey were you don’t know every song but you love every sound. He definitely needs to pop up around the scene a bit more. He’s playing later at RTD than he did at Oppikoppi so I assume his tone is open to change for a later slot…either way, I’m keen to check him again.

Responsible for remixing Mix n Blend and Van Coke Kartel (amongst others) Hyphen and SFR have been producing together for the last few years. Playing back to back at various parties like Co-Lab, Fiction’s Step Up, Earthdance +++, they are sure to rock the dancefloor with their brand of dubstep / drum n bass / Afro influenced beats.

Of course it has be to said that one of the God fathers of electronic sounds in South Africa, Sibot, will be smashing his way through the Daisies sound system. With his unique and pioneering patchwork sets, Sibot combines visuals with live production, hip hop influenced samples, loops and phat electronic beats, to take the audience on a creative and intellectual (for those who understand the technical side!) journey. Take in Sibot’s set in the same way that you would watch jazz, to push your musical boundaries.

Controversial artist Felix LaBand is as well known for his minimalist music production and creativity as his Amy Winehouse lifestyle. After laying low for the past few years, he is slowing coming out of the wood work and giving hope to hundreds who hope to catch one of his rare and prolific sets. He’s playing on Sunday morning, let’s hope he shows up and smashes our musical brains! This will be a unique showcase of sounds.

So much music, such little time…let’s see what this week holds!

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