Red Bull Academy World Tour presents Dillinja, The Assembly, 01.09.11

So Red Bull is on with the creative projects once again. This week they welcomed Dillinja and Lemon D, two of the globe’s most well-known Drum n Bass producers to build a sound system at the Assembly. As far as I can understand, the ‘Valve’ system was designed by the two producer giants and most of Cape Town’s well-known DJs and producers, of all genres, were involved in the week-long project to build the system at the Assembly.

The system is composed of, “…fifty-two subwoofers and custom-made mid-high cabs by Funktion One..” –, which doesn’t mean much to me. Except that I know Club Trinity has a Funktion One system which is apparently the best in Cape Town.

The ‘building’ crew enjoyed lectures and various gigs with the stars from Thursday – Saturday at the Assembly. This Thursday saw Dillinga playing at the Assembly and bass pumping the faces off every excited clubber. Of course the Assembly is the perfect venue in terms or space and facilities as well as hosting the new sound system that was built, the purpose of the tour.

Although the sound system was great, to me, it actually didn’t sound any different to the regular Assembly rigs that are used. Having said this, I know nothing about sound systems, building sound systems and what the Assembly usually runs – it all sounds good to me! At the end of the day it was a PHAT party and great school night out from this lay(wo)man’s perspective! Perhaps those who have a more informed opinion might be able to enlighten me about the system? Or maybe they just didn’t pump the volume to the true system’s capabilities?

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