Jozi Tickets 2 Rocking the Daisies for R1000!!!!

So after attending Oppikoppi this year I was expecting our festivals to be shamed against the monster reputation of Oppikoppi, however, I realised that we’re just spoilt here in the Western Cape because Oppikoppi was no better than our festivals, half the line up was from Cape Town, so it really wasn’t ALL that.

Along with feeling proudly Western Capeish, I want to extend all those culturally musically starved people of “the other half” of the country to join us at OUR festivals, so they have something to compare it to and I have just the deal for you to make it happen.

Webtickets is offering your Flights from Jozi (OR Tambo), your transfers to and from the festival AND your festivals ticket for just R1000!!!! Yes!!! This deal is retardedly awesome I feel quite robbed for the 5k I spent on the Oppi mission (no regrets just jealousy)!

So if you want to take up the Western Cape Festival offering and EPIC deal, then go to and snap one of these epic deals! NOW!!! Apparently they’re disappearing faster than candy floss.


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