Machineri & Dead Lucky at Mercury Live, 29.10.11

After being captivated by Machineri, a 3 piece band, I can’t help but reference the Pink Floyd ‘Wish You Were Here’ EP, with a ’70’s rock-blues twist. Lead by a refreshingly confident female vocalist, Sannie Fox, who focuses on the music and not showing off. Fox holds the audience with her lyrical intention, meandering her way through lyrics and passages and taking the audience along with her.

Apparently this is her Halloween attire and not part of the act, impressive, as I believed her none the less! A sign of a solid act. Tonight is the first time I’ve watched Machinery and I will definitely catch them again.

Up next was Dead Lucky, a hard rock outfit initially from Stellenbosch (but now apparently from Cape Town!) I hadn’t heard of them before but they did all the things hard rock groups do except they looked especially fascinating in their Halloween religious outfits! I think both groups should keep these looks, they really work for them…Happy Halloween!

P.S Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch any of Great Apes on film as I was too busy partying by this stage!

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