Meaning of Cape Town: New Design Capital 2014.


After seeing lamp post flags of yellow and yellow and yellow with 2014 being the only legible wording, I eventually learnt that Cape Town was bidding to be the Design Capital of the World, 2014.

But what does this mean? Well, moments ago it was announced that we have in fact won the bid and so now it will be our design responsibility to show the world true, authentic South African design as well as to provide a platform for international work to be show cased in The Mother City.

20111026-064521.jpgGlobal, local and small scale design events are to be welcomed, essentially filling the world with practical art and creative culture. From street art like graffiti to interior design, furniture and graphic art which often spills into fashion, design is all things creative and now Cape Town will have the responsibility to showcase this for 1 year.

I can’t wait to show the world what amazing South African design talent we have in our country. Viva 2014!!!



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  1. This is another great accolade for Cape Town, a city that is now recognised as one of the World’s most treasured destinations. Now we wait for the announcement of the 7 top Natural Wonders of the world on 11/11. If we can be in the top 7 it will be sure to bring even greater acclaim.