MCQP 2011: Maid in China, 17.12.11

I’ve heard that MCQP is one of Cape Town’s biggest parties and considering that Cape Town does love partying AND it’s the “Gay” capital of Africa, I knew I was in for a night of new experiences. This year’s theme was Maid in China, which I initially thought was brilliant but soon after found to be really difficult! All my suggestions were Japanese! Manga, Anime, The Ring, Geisha, the list goes on…all Japanese! Finally I managed to find some Kabuki style make up and

The CTICC was completely transformed, with the entrance positioned around the back *giggle giggle* with a press stage and all. My first surprise was the amount of food on sale! I didn’t imagine any food would be on sale at a ‘rave’ but there were stall after stall of

Western food (fish and chips) as well as chinese food. There was an outside stage where cabaret, burlesque and bands performed, including Good Luck who did a great job. With a single called ‘Hop On Hop Off’ “kind of lover” – it was the perfect MCQP theme and settled for entering into the spirit over the winning the best dressed award! My girlfriend and I set off for the CTICC. Upon arriving we saw so many brilliant costumes in the street, this was going to be amazing! And it was.

When entering the actual CTICC building, dancefloors had been ‘build’ off the center area, with the house floor being the largest of all and iimitating’rave’ parties of the 90’s. There was the Heart 104.9FM floor, featuring Sam Roy on the decks spinning some funk. There was a psy-trance floor as well as an electro dubstep floor upstairs opposite a tech and techno floor. There was the infamous foam dance floor as well, which I didn’t dare venture into to this time!

Although I didn’t indulge in any of the delicious looking and smelling food, I did visit the bar a few times and was a little disappointed with the bar prices. R55 for a double brandy and 2L poured coke in a plastic 300ML cup was a little overboard in my opinion. R15 for a Brutal Fruit was reasonable but R20 for a caramel vodka which everyone knows is less than R10 at cost and no tequila available, it was a little bit of a kill joy. Although there were an ample AMOUNT of bars with professional, friendly and efficient staff, I think they could improve a little more on the selection and pricing.

Over all it was an amazing night out and I will definitely return next year and try to go all out with my costume next year. This crew with their “China Ain’t Our China” sign was hilarious! But this Fortune Cookie Crew was my favourite costume for 2011!

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