[PICS] Rezonance 2013 – 2014

Cars parked in a dry field. Red roofed outdoor stage in field.Rezonance 2013 was THE place to be this new year’s in Cape Town! There were so many other parties but Cape Town’s city center is always such a hot mess on new year’s, getting out of town is the best way to see in the new year.

Having said that, I could only go to Rezonance on the first! And ended up in town cursing, “I should have taken my own advice and gone to Rezonance!” especially when I was sitting in grid lock traffic at 10pm in Strand Street trying to get through to Sea Point to pick up my friend! Luckily, because of this I didn’t have a big party so that I could get up early and head to Rezonance for a day mission.

Tent next to dam. Dam next to dancefloor.I swiftly made my way to Rezonance on the 1st day of 2014 and it was glorious. Rezonance might be predominantly centered around the psy-trance stage but the farm itself is for everyone. Stinking, summer hot weather found me relaxing in the shade of the tall gumtrees, listening to mellow day time beats of the Delta Stage.

Outdoor dance floor with pink decorations next to vinyard.After having an ice cold Hunters or two, I made my way over to the swimming area at the main stage. There was a dam at the Delta stage as promised but it was really low in water and I figured bombing in between the family of ducks were who enjoying, wouldn’t have been the kindest thing to do. Good thing because the dam at the main stage was sublime! Festival goers bobbed away on their linos or to the main stage beats. It was pure joy to be in the soft, earthy water under the African blue skies.

As I made my way back to the Delta stage the main stage break was taking place as Dean Fuel changed the tone in order to set up and support Gold Fish and Good Luck’s sets. I’m never really sure why they have this 2 hour break on the main stage, to be honest, but I’ve never heard any complaints!

Man walking on dirt path between tents, tents in a row on grass.Back at the Delta stage, the African sun started to set as the lights began to rise onto the night’s line up. More and more festival goers crawled out from their tents, woke up from their afternoon, tree-shade naps, slowing congregating to support the music. Blotchy, Sibot, George Daniel, PHFat, Culprit (UK), Hyphen, Niskerone, Rudeone, Mr Green rocked the Delta stage on day 2, so much so, that it was a wonder there was even a huge party the night before!

The sound and visuals were also awesome on the small stage with many artists raving about the set up.

Three cheers for the new Delta stage at Rezonance. With such a widely supported main stage, it’s great to have a safe space to enjoy alternative (to psy-trance) electronic music. Long may this relationship last. Here’s to Rezonance 2014? 🙂