The Ramfest 2012 Mayhem Begins with these Artists:


Infected Mushroom are on their way back to Cape Town. I’ve seen them 3 times already, twice at Vortex and once at the Camel Experience at the Belville Velodrome with the full band.


I lied! I do know THIS version of the song!


NETSKY has been added to the line up for 2012 as well as It Came From The Jungle creator Niskerone (CPT). I don’t know any Netsky songs so it’ll be good to check him out!

One of Cape Town’s most well loved “monster” festivals is creeping up on summer in Cape Town and is more exciting than ever. Ramfest 2012, historically hosted on the last weekend of February, is back in 2012 on the 11th of March (On a Sunday – that’s the only pretty shitty part!) for more rock, metal and electronic mayhem.

But gone is the 3 day festival. 2012 is all about a 1 day festival with bigger bands, allowing budget for more internationals opposed to dozens of local groups. 2012 will be held at the Ostrich Farm, 25kms up the West Coast of Cape Town. The Campsite is still available but to what extend camping will be included, is unknown.

The first artists have been announced and include:


I can’t wait for the rest of the line up to be revealed because this lineup is like dangling a British tourist in front of a great White, YUM YUM GIMME MORE!

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