Lil Wayne SMASHED Cape Town tonight, re-live it here :))

20111208-050614.jpgLil Wayne live at the Belville Velodrome, Cape Town: It’s been at least 4 years since I last visited the Belville Velodrome, the last time being for Infected Mushroom for the Camel Experience. Although it’s been quite a while, I never forgot how long that queue could get! This was confirmed once driving around the corner to see thousands of people all standing in anticipation, but not only were the numbers high but the fact that they were 80% teenagers! TEENAGERS! I have no idea why I hadn’t thought of this factor before missioning out to Belville BUT was really glad to have bought Golden Circle tickets!

20111208-050601.jpgAfter popping into Starlight Diner until 9pm to give time for the queue to diminish, we were happy to skip the queue to the top of the hill per the request of the ticket controllers. It didn’t take us long to get inside but unfortunately the Golden Circle entrance and exit were in the same place, at the front of the stage, which made movement slow and pushy.

20111208-051253.jpgApart from this little hiccup, it was cool to be back at the Velodrome again. Everyone was smoking inside which was quite funny after all this time! The concert started in a timely fashion and from the get go it was BANGING! DJ45 played Young Money hits such as Drake and Nicky Minaj which sent the girls’ screaming every 3 minutes as the next song dropped. There were so many assumed false starts due to these screams! Not to mention the volume of all those excited yelps, that was another factor that I had not considered, the LOUDNESS of the show, WOW! These girls game Lil Wayne a run for his money! From the second Lil Wayne left the changing room on the side of the stage, the screaming was non-stop, combined with the ridiculous level of bass pumping throughout the show, it was honestly the most loud show I had ever attended!

20111208-050638.jpgI’m not complaining, it was just very unusual to be enveloped in such a strong audio grip even after spending weekend after weekend in clubs around the Mother City. Lil Wayne put on a rocking performance and it was strange to see how little he is, he’s a small guy! With a build in skateboard ramp on stage, 3 buxom dancers, DJ and full live band, Lil Wayne was every ‘Young Money, Cash Money”s rock star dreamers night out. He even rocked out on his own guitar towards the end of the show.


Lil Wayne was definitely worth every cent of the R600 that I spent. Along with Faithless and Kylie Minogue, Lil Wayne was definitely one of the top three concerts I’ve seen this year, potentially ever.


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