My Top 5 Love Songs for Valentine’s Month…

I’ve come to learn that there are an incredible amount of people who love music but who pay ZERO attention to the song’s lyrics. These people sometimes love the melody of the song with out realising what they’re actually supporting as they haven’t listened closely to what the song’s about. For example, Usher’s – Burn. This is a song about regret and wanting to reconnect. Half way through he says he’s made a mistake by letting his love go, not many people realise this and simply think it’s about breaking up.

I’ve always enjoyed poetry and in our modern era I consider songs to be modern day poetry. Gone are the days when couples would sit under the tree and read poetry to one another, these days life’s all about the mixed tape. With Valentine’s day on the way, I thought about my Top 5 Love songs…a few came to mind immediately and I know if I spend more time thinking about all the songs I’ve ever heard, I’d either never settle on 5 songs or the list will increase to 100.

Also, love songs do not necessarily mean lovey-dovey songs, love songs refers to ANY song about love, good or bad. So off the top of my head, these are my 5 top love songs of all time (in no particular order). Please share your favourites too!

Cranberries – Linger – Just because it’s so beautifully heartbreakingly wonderful!

Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me – From the Up Close and Personal Soundtrack, I’m a chick, I’ll say no more.

Faithless – Crazy English Summer – Just one of those songs that speaks to me about love because it’s not always easy.

Mutt feat. Kevin King – Conversations – Because I share it with someone special.

Bread – Make It With You – The perfect wedding song, or it is too literal?! I like it.




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