Wi-Fi Hits Flights on South African Airline: Mango!

I’ve been flying for a LONG time! Going to boarding school meant I flew 8 times a year – for 5 years. Back then cell phones were only just arriving and they certainly did not have internet on them! But with the advent of smart phones fliers have been living in a phone on – phone off kinda world for the last few years.

I’ve personally often used my phone on a plane and have not been asked to turn it off, however, in recent flights I’ve been hearing different reports from other travellers. Either on or off, I’ve never heard of a plane going down due to a little Facebook action! Thank ¬†goodness this seems to be a face and Mango is taking mobile flight relations to the next level!

Wireless G and Vodacom are now providing in-flight Wi-Fi on local flights to South Africa’s major cities. “G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi” not only means you’ll be able to Tweet and Facebook all your mates but it provides full internet connectivity on a flight. You’ll even be able to sms back to land through a web service!

BUT there are a few catches (there always is) – firstly, it’s not free. One Way flight access is R50. R90 will get you a day pass no matter how many times you fly in a 20 hour space and there’s a per minute option. G-Connect will bill you at R1 per minute that combines land and air internet access. These fares connect you but the data usage is unlimited through out the paid duration.

Secondly, data heavy sites will be banned. Than means no YouTube and no peer-to-peer downloads. Bummer. BUT this is just for now. Mango plans to develop the system as the service progresses which will include entertainment services such as IPTV (internet tv).

For now, thanks Mango for trying to move South Africa isn’t a better technological world. I hope the service actually works and isn’t all words and no wifi!

P.S Do you know that Mango was the only airline to make tickets available through Checkers and Shoprite and the only airline in the world to accept store charge cards like Edgars / Jet?! Who knew!

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