Sigma (UK) Chats About Heading To Cape Town!

Legendary UK drum n bass duo Sigma is heading to Cape Town for the Ramfest drum n bass tour. Along with Logistics, the Assembly and Klein Libertas can expect a massive party at Electricity on August 31st! BCTC spoke to Cam from Sigma about the South African tour:

BCTC 1) You’re heading back to South Africa in a few weeks, where did you play the last time you were here?

Well Joe visited last time so this is my first time going over to South Africa. Last time, I believe he played in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Apparently the parties were off the hook, so they better live up to expectations! I am sure they will.

BCTC 2) Would you like drum n bass to explode globally like dubstep or do you still enjoy the underground edge?

Drum and Bass has been global for years and years. It’s not really the kind of music that is fully accessible to everyone due to its tempo. In the UK, we have had about 3 drum and bass number ones this year and not one dub step one I can think of. Dubstep is huge world-wide and that fact that it is only helps other so-called ‘bass music’ grow with it.

BCTC 3) What song blew your mind and really got you hooked on the idea to DJ?

It wasn’t really a song as such that got me hooked on DJ ing. It was more a hobby that a few of us used to do back in the day. We used to love smoking weed and mixing for hours on end! Usually all the really dark Bad Company, Dylan and No U turn tracks! Also growing up watching djs like Andy C and Swift killing it was a huge inspiration.

BCTC 4) Do you prefer DJing or producing?

We used to prefer djing but these days we love being locked in the studio. There is nothing better than making a track and then being able to test it out on a big crowd though. Both are enjoyable in different ways.

BCTC 5) How relevant is learning to mix these days when there’s so much technology that can do it for you?

I can’t really comment on that to be honest. These days, it seems like all you need to do is be a good producer to be a DJ. Sadly, the art of djing has changed. Saying that though, you need to make good tracks to get noticed. Crowds seems to buy into a live show more than a good DJ.

BCTC 6) How did you start to produce?

Joe studied music production at university and we used to hook up in our spare time and lay down some rubbish loops. It’s taken years and years of geeking to get anywhere and we are still learning as we go.

BCTC 7) How do you know when you’ve written something good?

You get a vibe in the studio and also from playing the song to friends and seeing their reaction. Half the time though, the tunes that don’t seem big to us, end up being huge! Maybe we are clueless!

BCTC 8) In your opinion, what’s the greatest DnB song ever written?

Peter Griffin – Birds the Word (Joke)

BCTC 9) At this stage of your career, are you still influenced by other artists?

Of course. We still respect fellow producers but tend to draw more influences from other genres these days.

BCTC 10) What’s the best advice you were ever given that helped you in the electronic music world?

Don’t believe your own hype. Stay real

BCTC 11) What can fans expect from your set in South Africa? And what do you expect from the fans?

Expect a load of Sigma tracks with some others thrown into the mix. Some big bass beats! I expect crazy people jumping off the walls.

BCTC 12) Apart from DJing, is there anything else you hope to do in RSA? Tourism is big here.

I am open to suggestions!

You’ve heard the man South Africa, in the words of It Came From The Jungle – go ape!!! BCTC

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