The Assembly’s Alternative Online Radio Station, at last!

In the ‘olden days’ it was extremely difficult to break into the entertainment industry. If you wanted to a singer or actress, for example, “lucky break” was the name of the game. These days, there’s almost no excuse not to get out there and be creative. With iPhones, WordPress, YouTube, UStream, etc. there’s every facility at a click away that enables one to publish creative work. With this in mind, radio stations, video channels, blogs, etc. have popped up all over the globe and one of Cape Town’s premiere music venues, The Assembly, has jumped on board.

One of the few clubs in Cape Town to consistent promote not only rock n roll alternative music but electronic alternative music, The Assembly has become one of the guaranteed go to places for great music. Now you on longer have to wait for the weekend (if you have a job) or See You Next Wednesday (if you’re a student), you can listen to epic alternative music every week day!

DJs, writers, performers, and general music mad individuals have all joined the Assembly Radio force to share great music. DJ Sideshow is one of Cape Town’s best-loved alternative female DJ’s, she’s on Friday afternoons between 4pm and 6pm! Tune in right now to listen to her specific brand of music on Assembly Radio! Click HERE for the full show details.

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