[VIDEO] Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2012 Lingerie Fashion Show

For years the Cosmopolitan Magazine fashion shows have been the buzz of the town, it’s also always crept up on me and I’ve never managed to attend a show. 2012 was a different year because at the last minute, I managed to squeeze in. After tickets, the next step – what to wear? GREAT! What chick wants to worry about looking good at a show featuring South Africa’s most beautiful women?! So my trusty partner said, “Wear black. It’s very fashiony.” I had a laugh at that because I knew he was right. And he was. Literally 90% of the audience was in black! Relief, yes, but also no, it’s fashion, shouldn’t we be a little more courageous? Next year I think I will go out on a limb a little more, it’s meant to be self-expression based and fun, right?

As for courageous – strutting your stuff in knickers? That takes some ka-ho-nies! I know it’s a model’s job to look good but people are still people, walking around in the buff is a big deal. I was really impressed, the women looked incredible but also personable, that’s what surprised me the most. They wobbled, they had moles, they had marks, I never knew models could be so ‘normal’ and gorgeous at the same time – that’s beautiful.

I thought the production was great: lights, music and acrobats included, although I did think some models were more professional than others. I know modelling includes incorporating some personality but I thought some were a little too ‘show offy’. You’re here to look circumstancially cute, not pull faces at the audience and play that up. I thought that was a little cheesy. If Cosmo said, go out there and have a blast, it’s not formal, then great! The show was spot on.

Congratulations to all the girls (and boys), I know it’s your job but I enjoyed that it was a good show. I was proud of our people! Go South Africa! Our women rock! And congratulations to Cosmopolitan Magazine for a great night out – thank you!


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