[Video] Diplo at The Assembly, Cape Town.

Diplo at the Assembly was one crazy ass party! There was an awesome South African lineup and Diplo absolutely smashed it, what a night! He was in town on the 9th of August 2012.

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When I arrived, Leggo! DJ White Nite was on the decks playing an awesome UK bass set (dubstep, trap, UK Funky). He set the perfect tone, upbeat but not going crazy to over shadow (in terms of tempo) the later acts.


Sibot was next and played one of the best sets of his that I’d ever heard! He was personable with his audience participation and used his Go-Pro-live-filming tactic to really illustrate what his was doing and included the audience in the process. He really brought it and I hope Diplo was impressed! He did really well.


Diplo, world-famous for his production skills, did not disappoint. His set included many pop remixes, which left some feeling that the set was too commercial, but if you’re working with the likes of Beyonce, Usher and Chris Brown, why shouldn’t he play those beats? He made half of them!


None the less, the crowd went absolutely wild and it was an awesome show. He had a really lovely demeanour as he was friendly, addressed the crowd throughout his set, shared LoVoka with all the kids in the front row, climbed on the DJ table, stage dived, insisted everyone take their shirts off and go crazy. He was a really lovely man (on stage) and played a huge set, it was awesome!

The production at the Assembly was as good as ever with the main stage’s music being played on all the dance floors. All the bars were open (no long queues) and the local lineup really did us proud. I feel it’s important to showcase SA’s best when internationals are in town so that they get a true reflection of our artists’ abilities, and this was done.

If you missed it, boo hoo for you! Hopefully this video will fill you in 😉 PS Yes I know I made a spelling error *DOH*

Diplo on BCTC

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