Earthdance Cape Town LINE UP! 21st – 23rd Sept, 2012

I heard about Earthdance (Cape Town) long before I attended the event mainly because of the music. Earthdance was originally a psy-trance outdoor party so unless you like psy-trance, it was a little exclusive. There used to be a small drum n bass dancefloor hosted by Homegrown but the scale couldn’t compare to the main stage.

Luckily, Redbull Studios from Cape Town jumped on board and provided a MUCH bigger and better alternative electronic music stage, Music Box, to the main stage. Since then, Earthdance has been awesome! I personally enjoy having a little psy-trance stomp outside, for an hour or two, but I prefer the electric electronic genres of the Redbull stage MUCH more.

The concept of Earthdance is awesome. It’s a global party where about 300 parties simultaneously occur around the planet in 60 countries. The purpose is to unite party goers throughout the world to promote peace. This year’s theme is Year of the Women. Hopefully that means that all decent female DJs will be booked for the line ups ūüėČ

Redbull loves withholding their line ups but the psy-trance stage has been revealed already and includes:

Friday – Sunday
Pixel (Isr)
Nok (Ger)

BioRhythm – Chabunk – Cooks – Cybernetix – Dave Mac – Dillan M – Emma Stevenson – Headroom – Humerous – Jeanne Dee – Mad Piper – Ninjah Jack – Prefix – Satori – Silo – Special Kay – Static Flow – Sway – Talisman – Tune Raider


ILL GATES (Canada)

Big Space –¬†Candice Heyns –¬†Card on Spokes –¬†Christian Tiger School –¬†DJ Tempo –¬†Fletcher –¬†Fog Show –¬†Funafuji –¬†Guns n Lazers –¬†Haezer –¬†Headphase –¬†Honey B –¬†Hyphen –¬†Lady M –¬†Liver –¬†Marshall –¬†Miss H –¬†Monique Pascall –¬†Narch –¬†Pure Solid –¬†Red Bull Outro –¬†Remy Gold –¬†Riot Squad –¬†Sedge Warbler –¬†Sideshow –¬†Spekta –¬†Veranda Panda –¬†White Nite

Catch you on the dance floor!

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