Earthdance Cape Town 2012!

Before leaving for Earthdance Cape Town this year, I heard that it was really cold but after attending so many Earthdances over the years, I really didn’t take it too seriously. Wow, was I wrong! Even though there were only SLIGHT snowy peaks, it made ED FREEZING!!! Luckily, that didn’t infringe on the party mood. The music kept everybody warm and spirits high.

The Music Box had really cute worm decorations and the main stage looked beautiful with their lumo tree type decor. I thought there was far fewer people this year, the main stage is usually REALLY full but it wasn’t this year. Sprung caused a lot of controversy with many party goers being disrespectful to others and I’m wondering if this infringed on the Earthdance numbers? There are a lot of other factors like the cold weather, the long weekend means more people go away, Sprung was 2 weeks ago, Rocking the Daisies is in 2 weeks, so there are numerous reasons for the party to be quieter than normal.

The music was great none the less, with trap being the featured ‘new’ music this year on the Music Box stage. The surprise act for me was Veranda Panda! They have a live violinist playing alongside a DJ. It was really fun and high-spirited. The White Night played his brand of UK Funky around 6pm which was perfect to get the mood set and Hyphen played just before the prayer. The audience was in full party mode which was great fun even though it was cold.

The lighting and sound were excellent and partying with Worcester in the background was gorgeous. The drive to Nekkies is always beautiful with the mountains towering over the highway and the snowy peaks however cloudy were also magnificent. The Western Cape really is one of the best places to party in the world! The


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