So What’s the Deal with Get Basted?

So EVERYONE who loves alternative electronic music knows that Cold Turkey is the most successful underground project to explode. I’m sure 80% of all good alternative electronic music DJs have played at Cold Turkey over the past few years. I’ve personally been looking forward to the parties coming up this summer but it seems the Cold Turkey brand have bigger aspirations for this season.

Get Basted is the second brand of events from the Cold Turkey crew. It is not a direct extention of Cold Turkey, it’s simply a new style of party hosted by the same event co-ordinators. Cold Turkey will continue to rock at Amadoda as per usual, Get Basted is more of a pop-up theme party, occurring at various venues throughout Cape Town. Obviously the name Get Basted is a spin off from the Cold Turkey theme but is it a pun on their signature bass music too? I can’t stop saying, “get bass-ted!” in my mind!

The first edition of Get Basted is being held at the Marimba Cafe (Marima Room) at the CTICC. The Marimba Cafe has been home to many live gigs from world music, African performances to group and big band jazz, it has been designed for live artists. Get Basted is all about promoting this element with their first line up including 4 live electronic performers: Mr Sakitumi and The Grrrl, DJ Invizable & Dubmaster China, Dank and Card on Spokes. This will be paired with a mix of DJs including Raiko (hip hop), Big Space (mixed House), Rebel Clef (dubstep), Niskerone (drum n bass) and Blotchy (UK Funky).

  • 2-3 Mix
  • 3-4 Raiko
  • 4-5 Big Space
  • 5-6 Mr Sakitumi and The Grrrl
  • 6-7 DJ Invizable & General Computer
  • 7-8 Dank
  • 8-9 Rebel Clef
  • 9-10 Card on Spokes
  • 10-11 Niskerone
  • 11-12 Blotchy

So the R50 has been the first concern regarding Get Basted, here’s how it’s justified:

  • Increased sound equipment hire for live performances.
  • Increased performance fees (everyone knows the artists work for a fraction of their fees at Cold Turkey, this has been acknowledged by the co-ordinators but the venue hire has increased.)
  • Staff wages
  • Infrastructure costs for the developed outside area, for example, fencing.

The initial winning characteristics of what made the Cold Turkey franchise so successful has not entirely been lost, this is just the grown up version. The kitchen at Marimba Room will be preparing food that is less expensive than their regular menu and tailored to the party, however, it won’t be braai as is found at Amadoda. There will be a designated tree-lined outside area which will also be utilized and the party is in association with Jimmijagga wine spritzer.

Cold Turkey may be new to some but many have been supporting the concept for over two years. Get Basted is the new grown up option for those wanting to enjoy the concept but who have perhaps moved on from the hundreds of students who flood the Amadoda premises of Cold Turkey. Both projects are fun and unique in their own way, the sooner we Get Basted, the sooner we can decide which is our personal favourite 🙂

P.S If you’d like to win tickets to Get Basted, change your image to THIS ———————–> Get Basted Logo and you could win. I suggest you write on their wall or tweet them so that they can notify your participation! #JustSaying

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