A Goodbye Letter From Lion’s Head…

My late friend always asked me to walk up Lion’s Head but I never felt ready. When he passed on, I knew it was time to tackle the mountain. So I did. Here’s my experience…

Hi G!

Did you see me climbing up Lion’s Head last night? Did you see me? It was such an incredible journey and I knew you were there. I asked you to send me a shooting star so that I’d KNOW you were there but then you did something better – you sent fire flies! They were incredible! Do you know I’d never really seen one before? I couldn’t believe how many there were and how magical they looked shining on the mountain side. I tried so hard to take pictures AND a video but none of it came out. It’s good to know there are still some things in life that one just has to experience and that no media will do justice to. Nature one, technology nil.

Did you laugh at me when I had to stop every 20 minutes for water? The weather was so beautiful up there but hell, you know that exercise was a push for me! Were you proud of me for making it? I was! And at one point I nearly thought I wouldn’t be able to go up to the very top but I’m really glad I did. You were right, it really is amazing up there. Did you like my friend? You never got to meet her but she a good person and she helped me get to the top 🙂

Do you know what I also loved? All the South African conversations. No one was fighting. Everyone was friendly. Complete strangers told me stories. One girl even saw a pof adder! Did you see her? Did you see it too? I liked hearing my people talk kindly to one another, greet one another on the trail and someone even played Gold Fish at the top! It was silly but it made me smile. I heard a man say he’d never chundered as much as he did last night, that made me laugh! Another spoke of Moonlight Mass, I’ve still to do that cycle. A man also helped me up at the scary chain/links part and I really needed a friendly hand at that time. It’s amazing how nice we can be to one another when we cut the crap. More South Africans should do that climb and learn that. A foreigner even offered to take my picture!

Thanks for making me go up the hill. I’m sorry it took so long but you know I only do things when I really mean them. It was sad hearing you mother talk of your death last week on your birthday but I think your father was happy to see me. I TOLD you birthdays were important to celebrate!

I really enjoyed this journey to the top of Lion’s Head. I think you’re very clever for squeezing this commitment out of me. Still kicking my butt in the afterlife hehe It was good for me. Did you like the bugs and flowers we found along the way? I did 🙂 We even got a tok tokkie to tok tokkie!!!

I left a rock there for you. I tried to make it face the sun so you could always watch another day go by but for some reason it found a little snugly corner to rest in instead! This way, at least I know, no one will take it away. I hope you will enjoy the view, I’m sure you have the best view of all from where you are anyway. It’s time for me to say good bye now. Keep allowing the sun to set on me, one day I’ll join you in the sky, but for now, I have more mountains to climb.

Love you my friend, R.I.P.


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