Who The Hell is Caspar Lee?

Whilst hanging out on Twitter the other night I stumbled upon a South African teenager who had more than 100 000 followers. I thought, ‘here’s another douche bag buying followers, lame’. I asked my partner if he’d ever heard of him and he hadn’t so I decided to check out his bio and website link. Turns out Caspar Lee is actually quite a laugh – in a good way!

Who The Hell is Caspar Lee?

We started watching his videos with a typically cynical attitude. It’s natural to doubt South African social media pioneers; with Mahala’s ‘put-down’ style, numerous DJs buying followers from India, not to mention all the glorious South Africans featured in the Avastar videos, the list of bad media behaviour goes on. But we were soon being swayed by this young guy’s style and watched 5 videos in a row. We were cynical, then educated, then laughing, then empathetic! He’s a true internet star.

So what’s so great about him? In a way, almost nothing. He’s just a regular teenager who chats to the camera. So what makes Caspar special? It goes back to what good social media is all about – being personable; becoming a non-intrusive part of people’s minds and news feeds. He’s very personable and although he may play the odd prank, he’s respectful. He involves kids as well, I don’t know if they’re his siblings or his cousins or who they are, but kids are always funny.

Basically Caspar Lee is a silly guy who isn’t too douchey, he’s nice to kids but not a weirdo, he has a laugh but doesn’t laugh at his own jokes, oh and he has over 11 million YouTube hits… Yeah, the kid’s got something! Check out Caspar Lee’s YouTube channel and comment on this post, I’d love to know what you think too 🙂 Here’s a sample below:

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