I have to admit that I didn’t really understand why so many people were fighting for the Swedish House Mafia to come to South Africa. I understood it was their last world tour but, who cares?! I’d heard one or two of their songs but nothing that really stuck, so I couldn’t see what the draw was, until last night.

Having a chat with a mate about how crazy summer’s going to be (and always is in Cape Town) he mentioned that he was going to SHM. I said I wasn’t and that was about it! Before he went to bed he said check this video. So I did. Damn, talk about short being sweet and less being more! I don’t think I’ve been won over so easily with so few words in years!

So in the pursuit of doing the same, check this video! I might actually buy tickets now, who woulda thunk?! Oh…and I reckon the rave era round II is WELL on it’s way back. I just hope that the sub-genre electronic musics aren’t left out this time. Long Live Electronic Music!

P.S Last bit of irony? I actually really like the lyrics and melody of this song too!!!

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