Forget Fontana’s – Primi Roastery is Here!

Last week I was cruising around the V&A Waterfront looking for my usual hit of ice cream when I stumbled upon the new Primi Roastery in the upgraded “food court”. Firstly, I have to add that the food court is MUCH better. Seems the low lives are deterred now that it’s more indoors, thank God. I really hated being begged before my first bite. Sorry, but it’s true!

So back to Primi Roastery. Back in the day, Fontana’s on Long Street used to make my heart sing but it disappeared and I’ve been longing for a cheeky rotisserie styled chicken ever since. ENTER Primi Roastery! I haven’t actually tried it but their promises sound good so far. It smelt pretty good too! Here the details:

Opens: 9am – 9pm
Chicken: Local, free range.
Health: 100% free of GMOs, brine, hormones & preservatives
Rotisserie: gas & hot rock rotisserie
Side orders: Mediterranean styled salads

Visit the food court at the V&A Waterfront and lemme know what you think? Is it worth it or not?

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