Blogger’s Dinner: Mates and Dates at the Village Idiot

I Love Foodies and the Village Idiot invited some of Cape Town’s idiots bloggers to join them for supper and enjoy their Mates and Dates night. Located in lower Loop Street, the new pub and restaurant hit the ground running when it first opened and continues to offer great food and a warm and welcoming space for visitors.

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I’ve visited twice before – both for late lunches with friends and family. The location, venue, food and service is good, so I was pleased to be invited back and connect with the owners to learn more about their restaurant philosophy. I met the I Love Foodies team (those invited to the dinner) for a relaxing and delicious meal at the Idiot.

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The theme of the Village Idiot is like local, small town pub, leveled up (there aren’t caps hanging from the ceiling!). A typical South African theme with stuffed animals and wooden furniture framing the restaurant, the leather seats, ottomans and benches provide seating for various parties. There’s a DJ booth in the top corner, but I have yet to witness a DJing playing and what the vibe is like then (think I’m always a bit too early).

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Oscar is the venue’s mascot – a full-sized, taxidermied ostrich, who reins the bar and lets you know who is boss 😉

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While previously visiting the Village Idiot, I noticed that there are all sorts of people who visit. I was never able to get a sense of who their locals are. Upon meeting one of the owners this evening, Reg he confirmed this by saying that the Village Idiot is for everyone. It’s not a restaurant for one type of person. Yes, if you visit during the rugby, you are likely to find rugby fans there. But it’s also great for a girls night out, a staff function, meals with friends or folks, it’s a local that ALL locals can enjoy – as long as they enjoy a toot and good food!

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A number of bloggers were kindly invited by I Love Foodies to enjoy a number of the Village Idiot’s dishes for their Mates and Dates evening. But before we could get to the food, we had to start the evening off with some wine. If you’re not a wine drinker, enjoy their extensively stocked bar and craft beer son offer, which you can select by the flavours you enjoy. I don’t drink beer so I didn’t have any on this occasion but I know some of the boys tucked into them.

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On this occasion we were spoilt with a number of the VI’s dishes, including pulled pork ‘burgers’ with slaw. The bun was really tender; random note but I had bread that scratches my palate. Also, when it’s soft it absorbs the toppings and helps keep it together. They were very tasty.

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The 600g T-Bone for two was also a delight. With fresh asparagus, farm style chips, slaw, carrot puree and fresh cream, it was delicious and I wished I’d had it all to myself 😉

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We all shared a butternut salad with a baked crumb on top, goat’s milk cheese, beetroot and fresh salad leaves. An unusual salad due to the baked crumbs but delicious and a nice palate cleaner to the more indulgent flavours.

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I was really impressed by the desserts. The lemon meringue was delicious, with a slightly toasted top and perfectly sour curd – I hate when puddings are eggy and these weren’t. They were delicious. But the BEST dessert was the poached plum. With a plum gel, poached plum, meringue and caramel ice cream, it was DIVINE! Absolutely delicious, 5 out of 5! We had to fight over this one!

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The miss for me was the ice cream made from Amasi milk and koeksisters. The koeksisters were good, but the ice cream literally tasted of nothing. I know amasi milk is meant to be a subtle flavour, but I don’t think this pairing quite worked. Great to cut through the sweetness of the koeksisters, but it needed another element to tie it together.

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To share – 600 g Of Beef Prime Rib on the bone served with carrot puree, asparagus, horseradish cream with a side of our house made coleslaw and fries with a Bottle of the Village Chenin Blanc Or Red Blend wine: R 240.


Two pulled pork burgers, topped with our house made coleslaw and a jug Standard Premium Lager: R 130.


Village Table Salad to share of Butternut, beet, goats cheese and Fresh Greens, dressed with olive oil and lemon and a sunflower seed crumb served with a bottle of Village Chenin Blanc: R 120.

Thanks so much to I Love Foodies and the Village Idiot for having us for this lovely meal.

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