It’s Official, METALLICA’s returning to Africa!

20121118-111721.jpgThe Metallica rumours started when @ThatLiezel posted a tweet stating they’d be playing on April 27th, 2013. I personally hate when concert info is leaked because it gets everyone’s hopes up but is still at risk of falling through (Doctor P, Limp Bizkit, etc.)

Luckily, Metallica’s return to Africa was announced on 5FM and so the rumours have been confirmed: Metallica is on the way in April 2013, yippeee!!!

The last Metallica concert was in 2005 at the old Green Point stadium. Thanks to Eskom the power kept tripping and Metallica was plunged into an audio desert. This, however, did not deter the audience who continued to fist pump and chant away between “Eskom Eskom”, “Metallica” and an old South African favourite, “Nah nah naaaaah naaah, nah nah naaaah naaaah, Hey Eskom, jou po*s!”

Fat Boy Slim and the Audio Bullies were also featured on a smaller electronic stage at the height of “My baby shot me down…”. Although the concert wasn’t particularly well planned (getting a drink at a bar was a wild dream, sound, etc.) it still gave birth to the Coke a Cola mega concert concept as well as the dual dance floor concept which I had yet to see in Cape Town.

Word on the street is that the new Green Point stadium’s sound is pathetic. Let’s hope Metallica’s return will leave a better impression on them than last time. Maybe they’ll be keen to walk up Table Mountain instead? We won’t fail then…

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